TNT Vehicle Maintenance Depot

Depots’ design specified Teseo air systems and oil delivery management system using their Multi-Fluid product range.

Teseo modular aluminium AP and Multi-Fluid hollow bar systems have been installed to manage air and oil deliveries at global express distribution giant TNT’s vehicle maintenance depot in Durham. Recognised the world over as a leading delivery specialist, the TNT depot services the TNT fleet on a scheduled maintenance programme as well as responding to emergency repairs. The depot’s design specified Teseo air systems with the additional requirement of oil delivery also catered for in the pipe work. The air lines run at 145psi (10 bar). To handle the increased pressures required in the oil lines – up to 362psi (25 bar) – the Multi-Fluid range has two clamps.

“It’s my first experience with the Teseo system and it’s a significant improvement on the old system. It keeps the workshop very tidy, is easier to work with and very versatile. If we need to pull off more T-pieces or outlets and extend the system to more air points its simple and quick to do.”

Jonathan Sinclair - Depot Engineer TNT Delivery Network

The Teseo AP and Multi-Fluid hollow bar system aluminium profile products feature extruded piping which has an external rectangular section with dovetail slots for easy fixing and a fine, smooth internal bore. A wide selection of angle and straight joints, quick clamping pieces and connectors make the Teseo system totally flexible in layout design and quick to install. The speed and ease of accurate installation reduces labour time and skills to make the Teseo system an attractive technical and economic choice for modern compressed air and fluid delivery.

The Teseo modular aluminium pipework system for the delivery transfer of compressed air, inert gases, fluids and vacuums, features smooth bore, lightweight aluminium extrusions for increased flow and lower pressure drop. A comprehensive range of connectors and adaptors makes the Teseo system the most versatile for fast and efficient installation and subsequent alterations without major down-time. System assembly does not require any threading, welding or painting and the four flat surfaces of the pipework enables easy and safe fixing. Perfect Dual O-ring sealing eliminates air leaks reducing wasteful energy costs. The Teseo product range carries a 20 year warranty.