Thorn Lighting/TridonicAtco

These new state-of-the-art factories required over 2,500 metres of Teseo compressed air pipework. Thorn have also incorporated Teseo into their vacuum and fume exhaust system.

Thorn Lighting and sister company, TridonicAtco, leading manufacturers of professional indoor and outdoor lighting, specified Teseo aluminium pipework to deliver compressed air into their new state-of-the-art factories in Spennymoor, Co. Durham.

The 27,000m2 Thorn factory and 4,000ft2 Tridonic site required over 2,500m of pipeline. In the TridonicAtco factory, a 50mm ring main was installed with 32mm and 25mm drops to carry compressed air to work stations. Innovative installation of the product created multi-service drops by adding a second down pipe and transverse sections to act as mounting frames for electrical controls etc. Thorn has a 63mm and 50mm ring main with sub-rings of 50mm & 32mm running off it. Another sub-ring of 50mm feeds a laboratory area. Well over a hundred 25mm final outlet drops were fitted.

The system is hung in the roof space with individual drops down to a mix of over 100 traditional power presses and state-of-the-art manufacturing lines. Thanks to Teseo’s ‘hot tapping’ technique, extra drops can be added once the system was in use with no down time or pressure loss.

Compared to other aluminium products, Teseo has many advantages; competitors use plastic fittings which are not earthed whilst Teseo’s are aluminium. It is quicker to install and is financially comparable to traditional steel products. Energy efficiencies and cost savings compared to traditional galvanised systems are made from day one.

“We’re a modern company and wanted a clean, aesthetic product. Teseo gave us the look we were after. Since installation we’ve had no problems. We’ve also incorporated Teseo into our vacuum and fume exhaust system.”

Peter Thorn - Engineering Manager TridonicAtco

The Teseo modular aluminium pipework system for the delivery transfer of compressed air, inert gases, fluids and vacuums, features smooth bore, lightweight aluminium extrusions for increased flow and lower pressure drop. A comprehensive range of connectors and adaptors makes the Teseo system the most versatile for fast and efficient installation and subsequent alterations without major down-time. System assembly does not require any threading, welding or painting and the four flat surfaces of the pipework enables easy and safe fixing. Perfect Dual O-ring sealing eliminates air leaks reducing wasteful energy costs. The Teseo product range carries a 20 year warranty.